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hpCommerce Orion Integration


YellowHatWeb has partnered with hpCommerce Software to bring effortless, completely automatic full circle eCommerce to hpCommerce Orion customers.





How It Does It


You configure Orion’s Yellow Hat integration to check your webstore.

You use Orion’s industry exclusive eCommerce tools to maintain your product data.  Manage images, product categorizations, WYSIWYG marketing descriptions, web bullet points, pricing, size, weight, product data sheets and more.  All from within Orion.

Download Product Data Sheets

Video Intro


Call or Email hpCommerce Software at


You specify how frequently you want orders checked.

You specify the email addresses for receiving your order retrieval status updates.

Orion’s Yellow Hat robot will automatically send product updates to your webstore and will automatically check and process orders for you.

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