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Integrated product, inventory, and order processing


Integrated Product Updates


Through hpCommerce Orion, products are automatically updated.  Images, categories, descriptions, pricing and inventory are all automatically maintained.

Secure PCI Compliant Payment Processing


Use the same integrated credit card processing that you are using in Orion.

Frictionless Order Checkout


Customers can zoom through checkout by using previously stored shipping addresses and credit card accounts.

Set up and Customize Shipping


Advanced shipping and fulfillment options let you add real-time quotes from UPS, USPS and FedEx.  A state of the bin packing algorithm will find the smallest container or containers to ship a customer’s order.  This means that rating the shipping cost will be as low and realistic as possible.  You can even create shipping promotions to increase sales.

Automatic Order Processing


As orders are received on your site, Orion will automatically download these orders and queue them for order fulfillment.

Flexible Tax System


Easy tax setup for US states and include/exclude tax on products.

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